· May 21, 2021

Meet Djeniffer Greffin – New Developer Community Moderator!

Hi Developers,

We're pleased to welcome @Djeniffer Greffin as our new Moderator in the Developer Community Team!

Let's greet Djeniffer Greffin with big applause and take a closer look at her bio!

Djeniffer works as a DBA Consulting at Sabin Medicina Diagnóstica

And here're some words from @Djeniffer Greffin:

– I have been working with InterSystems technology since 2009, my first contact with the technology was in a system migration
originally written in MUMPS for a WEB system developed in ZEN, using classes and global mapping.

– In 2012, I went to a healthcare development company more specifically in laboratories, with a LIS(Laboratory Information System) product. Here was where I started to work more strongly with interoperability in the healthcare industry. Was at this point, I started to specialize more and started to not only develop, but also to act in the performance of applications and in the tuning of operating systems.

– In 2018 I was invited by one of our customers to be part of the team responsible for the company's core environment. In this client, I specialized in creating interoperability between laboratory devices. I have deep knowledge of communication standards in healthcare.

– Today I work strongly in the design, implementation, and security of technological solutions within the laboratory.

So, let's warm welcome our new DC Moderator!

Thank you and congratulations, @Djeniffer Greffin! Hope our Community will grow with your help! 👏🏼

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