InterSystems Official
· Nov 7, 2016

macOS with 2017.1 and later

Starting with 2017.1, InterSystems has moved macOS from being a server platform to a development platform. 2017.1 will only support macOS 10.12 and will no longer be available as dmg kits.

Verification of macOS 10.12 has not been completed at this time and Field Test kits for this platform are not yet available.

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The alternative installation of Caché on the Mac OS X is much like the installation on any UNIX® platform.

To install Caché:
  1. Obtain the installation kit from InterSystems and install it on the desktop (tar.gz)
  2. Log in as user ID root. It is acceptable to su (superuser) to root while logged in from another account.
  3. See Adjustments for Large Number of Concurrent Processes and make adjustments if needed.
  4. Follow the instructions in the Run the Installation Script section and subsequent sections of the “Installing Caché on UNIX and Linux” chapter of this guide.