Paul Dawson · Nov 7, 2019

Looking for a way to add a new column in Trak

Hi All, 

I'm currently trying to modify the provider portal using Trak to add a new column. Using the column editor to get the column to display on the page is relatively simple, but where I'm running into problems is modifying what will display in the column. 

Essentially, it just needs to run a simple "if value in column A is in this list, display x, else display y" which is easy enough to write in ObjectScript, but the ISC documentation is relatively sparse about how to get a specific column to run that bit of code to display what I need it to. 


Appreciate any insights you all can provide. 

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Depending on how your column is set up, you may have a couple options. If what you're returning is pretty simple, you could embed javascript into the layout editor code view to access the dom of the other columns values you want to check. Another option which is easier to maintain and control, and is closer to what you mentioned is adding a transformation which calls out to an ObjectScript class function. From there you can access the context of whatever data you're pulling and check the values right there, and return whatever you want in your column.