YURI MARX GOMES · Jul 18, 2020 1m read

Load your CSV to InterSystems IRIS using Sapphire - Auto ML UI

Now Sapphire enable you load CSV to IRIS. See the steps:

1) Create a sample CSV file using Excel (save file as CSV):

2) Follow these instructions to install Sapphire into your enviroment:

3) Access Sapphire web page. Go to top menu Import > Load CSV

4) Configure access to your IRIS target instance, select new table, set your new table name, click Choose button and load your csv file and click upload. Click Get Definitions.

5) CSV Export definitions are presented and you can edit sql column name or sql column type to your preferences if you want.

6) After configuration click Export CSV:

7) See results in your Management Portal:

With this feature you can load your training, validate and real content data prediction or load CSV data to any new or existent table.

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Hi, Yuri, 

I tried Sapphire and get a 'Undefiend' error when connect to my IRIS. the URL I used is : "jdbc:IRIS://LOCALHOST:9091/USER". I am not sure it's okay, because from container system, I can ping LOCALHOST, but I don't think this is the docker Host server, my MAC os, and I can't ping MAC OS's any ip address from docker. Any suggestion? thank you