· Sep 25, 2020

Kerberos WebGateway


Is there an example how to configure the webgateway on linux with kerberos in the dokumentation I found something but not realy in detail so far I understand I need two priniples one service prinple account with for example iris/at-mie-centos_iris.balmie.local@BALMIE.LOCAL-> there is my first problem with the dokumendation the @BALMIE.LOCAL is not dokumented but if you create a keytabfile with ktpass you can't create this without domain. For the secound user principle I am totaly lost how it should work must be both account in the keytabfile? and if so how can I connect this princple to the IRIS user because @BALMIE.LOCAL is not allowed as username

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It sounds like you're trying to configure a webgateway on Linux to authenticate to an IRIS server on another machine using Kerberos.  Is that right?

If so, are you already using Kerberos authentication on the IRIS server for other connections?    I would start by making sure Kerberos is working for other connection types first, which will help sort out whether this is a configuration problem on the server side or the Webgateway side.

Do you already use Kerberos elsewhere on the Linux server?