· Apr 20, 2018

Is it possible to see the ACK in Visual TRACE page as like HL7 ACK message for custom TCP Operation

Hi All,

I have created custom TCP service and custom TCP Operation in ensemble.

The custom TCP operation sending some data to Cutom TCP service and received ACK from TCP service.

My Custom TCP Opeartion :

Method OnMessage(pRequest As CUSTOM.RECORD, Output pResponse As Ens.StringContainer) As %Status
    Do ..Adapter.SendMessageString("Testing string",.pResponse)
    Set ^RESPONSE=pResponse
    Quit $$$OK

My Custom TCP Service :

Method OnProcessInput(pInput As Ens.StringContainer, Output pOutput As Ens.StringContainer) As %Status

    Set ^LOG($NOW())=pInput.StringValue
    set pOutput=##class(Ens.StringContainer).%New("ACKTEST123")
    Quit $$$OK

The response in global :

Here my query is, Is it possible to see the ACK in TRACE page i.e., Message viewer page as like HL7 ACK message.

Thats mean, i need to see "ACKTEST123" on visual trace page.

Please let me know if u need more informations.

Many Thanks,
Archunan K

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