· Mar 29, 2020 1m read

[isc-generate-db] One line command to create your new Database

Hi Developers!

Create Database, Namespace, REST Applications using Portal Management is an easy task. You just need a few clicks or maybe more clicks than you expect.

But, what if you traded all those clicks for a simple command-line ?!

IRISAPP>do ##class(diashenrique.Utils.GenerateDB).CreateNew

You just need to answer a few questions: 

Do you want to create a new Database/Namespace? (Y/N) : 

Choose your Namespace name : 
Choose the Dataset location <Path Default is mgr directory> :
Make this an Interoperability namespace? (Y/N) : 
Do you want to split the database into CODE/DATA? (Y/N) : 
Create a REST Application? (Y/N) :

With isc-generate-db, even this duo can do that laugh

If you like it, you can vote for isc-generate-db on the InterSystems IRIS Contest

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