· Feb 6, 2023

irissqlcli install


I'd like to try out irissqlcli.

My  server, that has IRIS installed on it, is SUSE (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP1).

How do install this product from GitHub? Detailed instructions would be great!

It would be best if I can download the software from GitHub and then get pip to install from that downloaded file repo.

The recommended:

pip install -U irissqlcli

does not work and comes back with "

ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement irissqlcli (from versions: none)
ERROR: No matching distribution found for irissqlcli

Once I have this program installed:

irissqlcli -h localhost -U superuser -W 

Is this correct?

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I have installed it on my OpenSUSE test server but when it tries to connect to the trakCare server, I get "Connection Refused".

There is no firewall running on my OpenSUSE test server nor the trakCare server.
I've tested this with firewall-cmd --stat.

The trakCare server is SUSE Linux

The main comms firewall is not blocking the transmssion either.
Do you know what ports are being used between OpenSUSE test server and the trakCare server?


I'm getting 'timed out'.

Can I get the reason why?

irissqlcli -h TRAK-BASE01 -u superuser -W -p 51773
Password for superuser:
timed out

I got the SuperServer port as follows

BASE01:~ # iris list
Configuration 'BASETC'   (default)
        directory:    /trak/base/tc/iris/basetc
        versionid:    2021.
        datadir:      /trak/base/tc/iris/basetc
        conf file:    iris.cpf  (SuperServer port = 51773, WebServer = 52773)
        status:       running, since Thu Feb  2 11:29:56 2023
        state:        alert
        product:      InterSystems IRISHealth