· Aug 10, 2023

IRIS ODBC Connection String format

We are updating a C# module which creates consumes an OdbcConnection from System.Data.Odbc.  This module used to create a DSN-less connection through the InterSystems Cache driver, and we are updating it to call the IRIS ODBC35 driver following migration of the target database.

The Cache connection was formed formatted as follows:

"DRIVER={InterSystems ODBC};SERVER=[server_address];DATABASE=[cache_namespace];UID=$uid$;PWD=$pwd$;"

When trying to simply update the connection string to replace the DRIVER value to "{InterSystems IRIS ODBC35}" we get the following error:

Access Denied ERROR [HY000] [Iris ODBC][State : HY000][Native Code 417] [our_debug_path.exe] Access Denied ERROR [HY000] [Iris ODBC][State : HY000][Native Code 417] [our_debug_path.exe] Access Denied

We have proven connectivity and user credentials via a DSN with the same values provided and a successful DSN test.  So I have two working theories:
1) The DSN-less connection string format is wrong
2) We can authenticate, but there is something amiss with the user account permissions so fail authorisation and don't get a session.

I don't have access to the IRIS server or audit to investigate theory 2), but my IRIS colleague is confident we are not authenticating at all.

Product version: IRIS 2023.2
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Thanks for this.  We have tried that and get the following error..  While that documentation appears to be IRIS specific, I fear it is inaccurate...?

ERROR [IM002] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified"

The registry lists the following keys for ODBC Drivers, so I presume we're using a registry key lookup (into the 32-bit WOW namespace, given the app is still 32-bit)

"InterSystems ODBC"="Installed"

"InterSystems Legacy ODBC"="Installed"
"InterSystems IRIS ODBC35"="Installed"