· Mar 26, 2020 1m read

Iris Contest FileMailer Application


I got the idea for this application, because for my work we have a process that currently uses legacy Vista code called MailMan to transfer files using email. I thought I could create a process in HealthConnect (IRIS Interoperability) to replace the need for having the legacy code. I have seen File Passthrough and TCP Passthrough Operations that can transfer a stream (file content) into a file or through TCP connection. I did not find Email Passthrough Operation, so I decided to create it. It receives request with a stream that has the content of the file. I want it to send an email message where the file content goes into the body of the message.

Challenge was I could not send email from my IRIS container, because I have no email server yet. Today I got a different error when I worked on my laptop (not Docker) which I posted to the community.

More to follow...


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Thanks to all who put on this contest. It motivated me to get my hands on Docker. Unfortunately I chose a bad topic for my application. I have no mail server to send my email. I tried to work with TCP because that is an alternate solution to a problem I am working on at my regular job. With default steps, I have no ports open to work with local tcp connections. I developed unit testing production for my contest application. I got an error in container that I did not get outside. I learned a lot this week while working on this. It is great if someone can work on what they enjoy doing and enjoy their work. That's me, happy!