IRIS and GCP Setup

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I'm trying to setup Iris Community on a GCP node and the following fails

iris load


sudo: /tmp/195/ command not found


in /opt/ISC/

    local directory url
    #get the directory where the bash script lives and add a random numbered new dir
    dir2=$(($(od -An -N1 -tu1 /dev/urandom)))
    #get the code and set permissions
    sudo git clone -q $url $directory
    sudo chmod -R 775 $directory

    #run the repo specific code
    sudo $directory/

I don't see a in the repo, so I'm not sure why it's trying to run it.

I'm wondering if I should git clone it directly in a project directory? 


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I got it up and running on  GCP, using PyCharm Pro locally with the interpreter on GCP.  I see that a bunch of ^CAT* globals were created in addition to the ^airport global. I'm not sure what those ^CAT globals are yet :)