· Jun 19, 2019

InterSystems Open Exchange Release, June 2019

Hi Community!

We have a new release of InterSystems Open Exchange applications gallery!

What's new?

  • Companies catalog
  • Better descriptions
  • Application Preview

See the details below.

Companies catalog

As you already know you are able to introduce a Company profile and publish apps on behalf of a company. 

In this release, we introduced a catalog of companies presented on Open Exchange. 

Please, add your companies and get more traffic to your company sites and applications!

Better descriptions

We have two descriptions for the app.

A short description is mandatory and is being used to display on app tile and to be displayed if you don't have a long description.

With this release, a short description may be imported from Github repo linked to the app.

Long description now supports markdown - so formatting, links, images are welcome!

If your app is connected to a Github repo long description can be loaded from Github This behavior could be altered by a special flag now.


Yes! We introduced the feature to preview the app before sending it for approval. Finally )

Social Network Shares

We've introduced a set of social media buttons to let your application be shared easier on social networks and to let some extra traffic too.


Also, check what else was fixed and introduced with the release in the kanban.

Here are our plans for the next month! Report the issues and provide enhancement requests here!

Stay tuned and submit your InterSystems IRIS solutions, tools and companies!

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