· Apr 22, 2019

Open Exchange April Release: Companies

Hi Community!

With this release, we've introduced the support of companies on Open Exchange.

See the details below.

This feature allows you to introduce the Company's profile and publish applications on Open Exchange on behalf of the Company.

You can introduce the Company's profile in Company editor which you can find in the Profile menu:

Fill Name and description like it is described in the documentation and send for Approval. Description supports markdown.

Once the  Company's profile is approved you are able to publish apps as Company 's applications - add the Company's checkbox in the application editor. And you would need to go through the publishing approval process again. 


The application which is published on behalf of Company has the Company's link on the apps page and is also listed on the Company's page along with other applications of the company.

Also, you are able to invite other Open Exchange members - your colleagues - to publish apps on behalf of the Company. Invite your coworkers by email on the Users tab in the Company editor.

Looking for new company profiles on Open Exchange!

Othe minor but nice features introduced:

  • Visible "New" app button on the main screen once logged.
  • The ability to update the application's  profile without changing the version
  • Better look on mobile devices
  • Better support of file on Github

Check all the changes in the March's release.

Also, check the tasks in April's kanban and add your feature requests and bug reports. We plan to enhance the publishing process and introduce some new promotional features.

Stay tuned!

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