· Aug 22, 2019

InterSystems Open Exchange Release, August 2019

Hi Developers!

Here is a new release of InterSystems Open Exchange - InterSystems applications gallery!

What's new?

  • Github Integration is improved;
  • Better application update mechanism;
  • UI/UX enhancements.

See the details below.

Better Github Integration

With this release, if your InterSystems application source code is hosted on Github a lot of mandatory Open Exchange application fields could be imported from Github repo. Enter the URL of the GitHub repo and the name, download URL, short description, license, full description will be imported from Github. The only mandatory fields to feel in will be InterSystems Data platform and tag-list. Check the video which illustrates the process.

Improved application update procedure

All the parameters of Open Exchange application need to pass the approval procedure. And starting from this release you don't need to unpublish the repository if you want to make changes and publish the next release. If you want to publish the next release of the application do the following steps:

1. Open the published app and click Edit:

2. Make the necessary changes and click Save -  this will create a draft version of your application. You may see both published and draft entries on My Apps section:

3. Once you good with the new changes send the draft application for approval review.

4. When and if the new version of the app is approved the previously published version will be changed to the newly approved version.

Minor UI/UX improvements

With this release, we've improved the performance of Open Exchange and we introduced a set of minor UI enhancements such as sorting selector for apps, better image icon update for apps and companies, clickable category on the application page and things like this which could improve your experience with InterSystems Open Exchange.

Also, don't hesitate to use Google Adwords vouchers option we are introducing with this release to promote your Open Exchange application which you can redeem with Global Masters program. Learn more.

Check all the tasks we solved in this version and welcome the new kanban for the next release where we plan email subscriptions, better integration with Developers Community and Partner hub, better analytics, and other nice features!

Introduce your bug reports and feature requests and stay tuned!

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