· Jul 1, 2022

InterSystems Open Exchange Applications June 2022 Digest

Hey Developers! Here is a digest of new solutions and applications submitted to the InterSystems Open Exchange in June 2022.

General Stats:
6 new apps in June
425 downloads in June
643 applications all time
19,266 downloads all time
1,702 developers joined

New Applications (6)
isc-rest by Timothy Leavitt
Build REST APIs rapidly, securely, and sustainably
isc-perf-ui by Timothy Leavitt
Simple REST APIs and Angular UI for the line-by-line monitor
Ompare V8 by Alexander Woodhead
Browser-based javascript compare Cache, IRIS features.
isc-json by Timothy Leavitt
%JSON, with SemVer, in the open
isc-codetidy by Timothy Leavitt
Server-side code standards enforcement for ObjectScript
isc-ipm-js by Timothy Leavitt
Build/deploy JavaScript in the InterSystems Package Manager
New Releases (18)
Docker InterSystems Extension by Dmitry Maslennikov
  • Filter by name and tag
  • Updated styles
  • Refresh manually
  • Only 3 latest versions show, and see more action
  • Public/Private icon
  • Copy image name with tag action
  • Added support for iscinternal
  • Filter by name and tag
  • Updated styles
  • Refresh manually
  • Only 3 latest versions show, and see more action
  • Public/Private icon
  • Copy image name with tag action

cryptocurrency-rate-forecasting by Oleh Dontsov
  • Added dynamic receipt of current exchange rates
  • Added support for new cryptocurrencies (ethereum, tether, dogecoin)
  • Updated iris community version

IRIS import manager by Oleh Dontsov
  • added checking the availability of connected external databases
  • added SRV support in MongoDB connection
  • added another demo collection (hospitals) to MongoDB
  • updated iris community version

Git for Shared Development Environments by Timothy Leavitt

Changed the way we match mappings in NameToInternalName, modified and added new testcases by @isc-svelury in #199

M-N-Contests by Robert Cemper

Improved Statistic #5 "Winer's Profile" as Rank vs. Contest table Image


Added results of contest #24 Image

objectscript-package-template by Evgeny Shvarov

Simplified dockerfile Workaround in docker-compose for the latest docker versions Github image creation Cloud tests running iris.script beautifier

iris-megazord by José Roberto Pereira

Adding a node for grab FHIR resources from FHIRaaS.

FHIRaaS sample

CloudStudio by Sean Connelly

Alpha Development + ZPM

interoperability-embedded-python by Guillaume Rongier
  • Add support of dataframes in messages
  • Add dispatch for BP
  • add pickle message
  • fix : retour BP
  • refactor use of decorator

webterminal-vscode by John Murray
  • Support alt-modifier launch in external browser from Server Manager button.
  • Fix README formatting.

zapm by Sergey Mikhailenko

added extensions newdb command

zpmhub by Sergei Shutov

Added ability to register during zpmhub installation


Fix typo

bdb-sql-utils by Benjamin De Boe

New features include - simple table size - table export/import - compressing stream data - table usage stats - generic update logging

Top 10 Applications in June

Top 10 Applications All Time

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