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InterSystems IRIS Building Blocks to TOGAF Architecture Domains

The TOGAF is the The Open Group Architecture Framework. It provides an approach for planning, design, implement, deploy and govern your EA (Enterprise Architecture) projects.

The TOGAF has a concept called Building Block. It is any element that can be used, reused a executed to deliver value and new functions to the business.

In the picture above, I present to you the main IRIS building blocks to create fantastic apps.

To learn more about TOGAF and building blocks, see

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Hi Yuri and DC members

As you know I have challenged the DC members to come up with cheat sheets for IRIS and this is a perfect example of what I was hoping to see from DC members. With your permission, I would like to include it in my collection of IRIS Cheat/Information sheets. For other DC members reading this post and there is an aspect of IRIS that you are particularly familiar with or passionate about then have a go and see if you can come up with a similar informative diagram. Typically the cheat/information sheets are one-two page long. When it comes to a language explanation then you would typically create a page on commands, another on operators and so on. Let your inner artist guide your layout and colour scheme. Once I  have built up a substantial collection of IRIS topics I'll see if Olga, Evgeny and Anastasia and the ISC Experts will vote on the best layout and all cheat/information sheets will be modified to conform to that look. Who knows, they may even reward the winner. Bear in mind that ISC have a certain style, colour scheme and logo's and this should be taken into consideration/


P.S. Sorry Yuri for high jacking your Article ro further my personal mission.