· Oct 21, 2015 1m read

InterSystems Caché Benchmark: Achieving Millions of Database Accesses per Second Inexpensively


In a recent benchmark test of an application based on InterSystems Caché, a sustainable rate of 8.9million database accesses/second, with peaks of 16.9 million database accesses/second, was achieved. These results were from a test performed on a connected system of eight applications servers, using Intel Xeon 5570 processors, and running Linux as the operating system. This benchmark shows that:

  1. Caché can achieve unheard of levels of performance for an object database. It provides full persistence of data at speeds that are normally only reached by in-memory databases.
  2. Caché demonstrates this high performance while running on inexpensive servers.
  3. Caché offers excellent horizontal scalability, with throughput scaling linearly as application servers are added.
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