· Oct 21, 2015 1m read

InterSystems Caché as an Alternative to In-Memory Databases


To overcome the performance limitations of traditional relational databases, applications - ranging from those running on a single machine to large, interconnected grids - often use in-memory databases to accelerate data access. While in-memory databases and caching products increase throughput, they suffer from a number of limitations including lack of support for large data sets, excessive hardware requirements, and limits on scalability.

InterSystems Caché is a high-performance object database with a unique architecture that makes it suitable for applications that typically use in-memory databases. Caché's performance is comparable to that of in-memory databases, but Caché also provides:

  • Persistence - data is not lost when a machine is turned off or crashes
  • Rapid access to very large data sets
  • The ability to scale to hundreds of computers and tens of thousands of users
  • Simultaneous data access via SQL and objects: Java, C++, .NET, etc.

This paper explains why Caché is an attractive alternative to in-memory databases for companies that need high-speed access to large amounts of data.

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