· Nov 10, 2022

InterSystems Adaptive Analytics training in a focus group

Developers, we have prepared a tutorial to get you started with InterSystems Adaptive Analytics powered by AtScale. In it, in addition to setting up AtScale and working with data cubes, we will also touch on methods of working with InterSystems Reports and other analytical systems.

Now the course is ready and we want to conduct a pilot training course on a small group of volunteers (3-5 people).

The course will be held in the form of two-hour classes for three consecutive days from 11/14/2022 to 11/16/2022. The time range is approximately 2pm to 6pm UTC+4 (Dubai). We will choose the most suitable 2 hours based on the results of your answers in the form.

We invite enthusiasts and volunteers to participate in this educational event.

Participation is free.
All you need is your time, a computer on which you can complete practical tasks and feedback from you every day.

To participate, fill out a short form and we will contact you with further instructions.

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