· Feb 23, 2023

Internship Available

Job description

We are looking for a software development intern. We are a small company, and this creates the opportunity for you to help grow the business, and your career with it.


Learn new things.
Try new things.
Do coursework.
Resolve defects and assist in adding new features.
Contribute towards our open-source repositories and start new ones.
Create and enhance Visual Studio Code extensions.
Be actively involved on developer communities to learn and contribute.
Challenge the status quo.

What we are looking for in you as a Person

Problem solver.
Willingness to learn.
Willingness to take accountability for mistakes and learn from them.

The Current Technology Stack

InterSystems Ensemble
InterSystems IRIS

Qualifications and Criteria

A certificate, degree or diploma in programming, or still busy doing the certificate, degree or diploma
Do NOT currently have an internship or software development related position.
Knowledge of TypeScript will be advantageous.
Experience with Visual Studio Code will be advantageous.
UI development knowledge will be advantageous.

What We Offer

Remote Working. There will be face-to-face meetings at times In Pretoria, Gauteng.
Electricity Allowance
Internet Allowance
Coffee/Refreshments Allowance
Accessibility Software for your specific needs, if you have special requirements/needs (SuperNova, JAWS, etc.)
Additional coursework paid for, within limits.

This internship is planned to commence in June 2023

Please message me if you are interested.

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