Rochdi Badis · Oct 27

Including datetext in a table pane

Hi Guys,

is there a way to include a datetext in a tablepane cell maybe using OnDrawCell?

I've tried :

    &html<<input type ="date" id="serialno" style=" width: 80%;" />>

but doesn't work with IE 11 and under, so it would be good if I can include datetext component instead.



Product version: Ensemble 2014.1
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I have not understood what you want, could you give me more details?

If you have OnCreateResultSet, you may try to use a SQL Function to return what you want if I understood correctly.

I need to include a date picker in a tablepane cell, as you know you can include a textbox a link...etc in a tablepane cell but how can you include a date picker?


Try Built-in Modal Groups


Class dc.test Extends

XData Contents [ XMLNamespace "" ]
<page xmlns="">
  <tablePane id="tp" sql="select 1 id, '2021-11-03' DT union select 2, '2022-01-24'">
    <column colName="id"/>
    <column colName="DT" link="javascript:zenPage.modalGroupCalendar('#(%query.DT)#');"/>

ClientMethod modalGroupCalendar(val) [ Language = javascript ]
  var group zenPage.createComponent('modalGroup');
  group.setProperty('onaction','zenPage.calendarAction(group);');'Select a date:','calendar',val);

ClientMethod calendarAction(group) [ Language = javascript ]
  alert("You selected: " group.getValue());
  // SaveOnServer(); !