David Satorres · Nov 16, 2018

Import Ensemble backup into Iris


We are trying to migrate all our production to new IRIS servers. To test everything is working fine, and to be able to script the process, we want to import the data into new IRIS servers using a backup file (created with ^BACKUP). But we've found that IRIS doesn't recognize Ensemble backups so we can't import it using ^DBREST  :-O

Any of you know how to import in IRIS an Ensemble backup file?

Thanks a lot,

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I think it will not be possible to restore backups from Caché/Ensemble to IRIS.

I'm sure that in most cases, it is possible to just rename CACHE.DAT to IRIS.DAT, and configure it exactly as it was in Ensemble, should work. And maybe it will work for you as well.

If you can easily repeat configuration on any just installed Ensemble server, do it in the same way for IRIS.


Yes, that solution is good. But we need to stop the production to be able to copy the files, and we don't want to to that. We need a way to transfer the data to IRIS without stopping current Ensemble production.

When you going to do it in production, you will stop it anyway for some time.

But just for testing, I think you can extract backup with any empty ensemble on a new server, and use this extracted data on IRIS.