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· Aug 11

IKO (InterSystems Kubernetes Operator) 3.6 Release Announcement

InterSystems Kubernetes Operator (IKO) 3.6 is now Generally Available.  IKO 3.6 adds significant new functionality along with numerous bug fixes.  Highlights include:

Follow the Installation Guide for guidance on how to download, install, and get started with IKO.  The complete IKO 3.6 documentation gives you more information about IKO and using it with InterSystems IRIS and InterSystems IRIS for Health.  IKO can be downloaded from the WRC download page (search for Kubernetes).  The container is available from the InterSystems Container Registry.

IKO simplifies working with InterSystems IRIS or InterSystems IRIS for Health in Kubernetes by providing an easy-to-use irisCluster resource definition. See the documentation for a full list of features, including easy sharding, mirroring, and configuration of ECP.

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