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IHE Inbound CCD Result Categorisation Customisation


I'm currently working on an IHE implementation, and we've hit some issues around categorising inbound CCD results (i.e. mapping lab and rad results to their relevant SDA types).

I know that this is handled by the \CSP\xslt\SDA3\CDA-Support-Files\Import\Section-Modules\DiagnosticResults.xsl out of the box which can be overridden to use different logic, but I was wondering whether there's a standard/best practice approach for handling different sets of logic depending on the supplier of the CCD? We're going to be onboarding multiple data sources, so we're likely going to end up with lists of thousands of procedure codes, each mapped to a different specialty (e.g. Rad, Cell Path, Micro etc.), so I just wanted to get some thoughts on whether there's a common approach to make this as reusable (and painless) as possible.

This may end up being more of an XSLT-related question as I assume it'll likely involve referencing an external list of values from within a particular stylesheet, or is there maybe a way to call out to some objectscript to use a LUT?

Any advice or ideas would be great.


Product version: HealthShare 2019.1
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I don't know what the best approach is.

You can call into ObjectScript from an XSLT using the isc:evaluate function. This is handled by the class in the XSLTCallbackHandlerClass property in HS.Util.XSLTTransformer. The HealthShare callback handler is HS.Util.XSLTHelper. You can extend this class to add functions to isc:evaluate and then point the transformer at your callback class. This is discussed in the documentation:

HealthShare 2022.2 > Using XML Tools > Performing XSLT Transformations > Specifying Parameters for Use by the Stylesheet > Adding and Using XSLT Extension Functions