RIddhi Jadeja · May 10, 2021

I want to install Management Portal Engine for Windows to create Cache InterSystems DB

I want to create a Sample Database for Cache InterSystems and want to access it via Cache Entity Framework Provider. But, I cannot find a particular engine of Management Portal to create a database. 

Can you guide how to install Management Portal in Windows?

Product version: Caché 2018.1
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Management Portal is a part of the default installation. And in windows, should be available from the menu by the InterSystems Cube icon in the tray.

And usually, the URL is something like this. The port can be different if you have more than one instance of Cache installed.


Hello Dmitry,

Thank you for your response. Actually I have not Cache instance installed in my system. So, I think I have to install Cache first. Can you guide me how to install that, Actually I'm new to this?

If you are new to InterSystems, you should start with IRIS, which is the newest product, the replacement for Caché. 

You can download the distributive here or through WRC if you already have access.

The installation process on Windows is quite simple, just run the installer, and press the buttons Next. It will be enough for the evaluation. You may look at the documentation, for the Installation guide.

Actually, our client is using Cache so I want to process with that only. Can you guide for Cache InterSystems installation please?

Thank you. I have read this guide but couldn't find any installation kit or exe to install this into the system.

As I said, you have to get it from your client, It's no publicly available anymore.