· Apr 1

how we can retrieve SuperSessionID in classMethod ??

Can someone please tell me like how we can retrieve SuperSessionID in classMethod ??

(for SessionID i now the syntax [Set SessionID ""_$get($$$JobSessionId)]  but for SuperSessionID i don't know.)

Now i want to use SuperSessionID instead of SessionID,  outside the package. 

Also one confirmation that "SessionID keeps same in entire message flow or it varies ?? i heard that SessionID may change in diff instances."

please explain me which ID keep unique (SessionID or SuperSessionID)  ??

I want to filter the message base upon that only...

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Use  $GET($$$JobSuperSession)

A SuperSession ID is generated in a Business Service when the Generate SuperSession ID setting is checked, thereby giving an identity for messages streams that made up of multiple production namespace-based sessions. Subsequent Business Processes and Operations are expected to propagate it on (without overriding it with a new one).

The SuperSessionID identifies the originating instance and namespace, plus the original Session ID, and looks something like this: MYSERVER.COM^IRISHEALTH^PRODNAMESPACE^12345.

The  EnsLib.HTTP.OutboundAdapter will include the SuperSessionID in an HTTP Header if the Send Supersession setting is set.

The  Enslib.HTTP.InboundAdapter will copy the SuperSessionID from the HTTP Header into the new Ensemble message, if present (and the Generate SuperSession setting is not set to override it by generating a new one). 

That is, if only the first Business Server in the first instance in the message stream has Generate SuperSession ID set, and all of the Business Operations that send them on have Send SuperSession setting set, the SuperSessionID identity is propagated unchanged among instances in the message stream.