Token Ibragimov · Apr 20, 2021

How to set in cache object script encoding to WINDOWS-1251


While creating DBF file ,  I get unreadeable symbols. For example ╠┼╥└╦╦╙╨├╬┬

How set encode to WINDOWS-1251 ? 

This code doesn't help

w $zconvert(fldValue,"O","CP1251")

Thank you!

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Those are special symbols used to draw UI in textual interfaces and no way to get any readable text from it, it can be translated to the same symbols only, just in the different codepage.

Those symbols in any way do not exist in Windows-1251 at all. You can store it in CP866 or UTF-8 only

Hey @Token Ibragimov 

I need to create a DBF file too, can you explain how to create this file?

Are you using a lib? creating from scratch?