Tobias Ficker · Nov 23, 2016

How to rename a Caché-Instance on Windows

Is it possible to rename a Caché-Instance on Windows?

ccontrol doesnt work on a Windows system =/

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ccontrol works on windows systems, but not in this way as expected on Unix systems.

Anyway, rename instance possible, but it would be a very difficult to get working system after that. Just because does not enough just rename it. You should find all mentions of this name inside of Cache and rename it too. So, I would recommend to install new system near and move your configuration from old one.

I asked the Intersystem-Support:

Hello Mr. Graupner,

Thank you for contacting us in Support regarding this question. Unfortunately there is no 'ccontrol rename' on Windows. This command exists on Unix and VMS to change instance name. There is an enhancement request already in the works (ProdLog 57340), and I have noted on the report that it would have utility on your site as well. The proper way to rename a Cache instance on Windows is to re-install Cache. If you desire the same directory structure, you will need to save off a copy of your configuration, uninstall, then install fresh with the correct name and move in the saved-off configuration. Let me know if you need any assistance with these steps.

See this.

For Caché, there will be a "\Intersystems\Cache\" instead of "\Intersystems\IRIS\".
Also note that for the 32-bit version, the paths in the registry will be slightly different from those specified in the example.