Raghuram Devarakonda · Mar 26, 2017

How to register a Cache instance after restoring all the mount points?


I am exploring a simple restore procedure for a Cache instance and would really appreciate any help.

Basically, I have a CentOS machine with a Cache instance and let us say I backed up all the mount points where Cache data is located (install dir, DAT files, journals, WIJ etc). On another identical machine (without Cache installed), I mounted all these file systems exactly using the same mount points so all the data is back with the same paths.

Now, if I do "ccontrol start <INST>" (ccontrol binary is from the mounted install dir), it complains that the instance cannot be found. So I am wondering if there a way to "register" a Cache instance when all the data for that instance is available. Is this even feasible? 




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you can do it with ccontrol tool

    ccontrol create <instance name> <parameters>
    Create an instance's entry in the Cache registry.
    directory=<installation directory name>
    versionid=<version identifier>
    ccontrol create mystuff directory=/usr/cachesys versionid=2008.2.0.357.0


"ccontrol create" works well if I do this operation on a machine that already has some other cache instance installed. But when I do similar sequence of operations on a machine that has no previous Cache installation, "ccontrol create" fails with the error message:

"ccontrol(create registry): No such file or directory"

Apparently, it is trying to access the file "/usr/local/etc/cachesys/cache.reg" which is obviously not there. Is there any way to create Cache registry on the fly?

Thanks in advance,


From that I see in postinstall script the only you need to do with cache.reg - is to create directory, and give it proper permissions 755 mask, i.e.:

mkdir -p /usr/local/etc/cachesys/cache.reg
chmod 755 /usr/local/etc/cachesys/cache.reg
ccontrol create ...


Once I created the directory "/usr/local/etc/cachesys", "ccontrol create" worked. Thanks a lot.