· Oct 4, 2021

How to migrate InterSystems Cache products to the AWS / other public clouds?


I am looking to migrate a few legacy debt collection applications built using InterSystems Cache to AWS. Does anyone here have any experience, ideas and best practices on migrating Cache products to the public cloud?





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AWS offers EC2, and it will be just virtual machines. And it will be possible to migrate any of your instances quite easy, if you would choose the same environment. If you have windows on your server, you can have Windows there as well. It's the easiest way. You would need to install the same version of the InterSystems platform you use, and repeat the configuration, copy necessary information and that's it. But for sure, could be some other options.

But AWS also suppose support for containers, this could be more difficult. And the best would be if you would use IRIS. I can help with this migration if you wish.