Mark O'Reilly · Jul 1, 2021

How to Initiate context class for DTL

Hi, I think it's a simple question this at the end of something fairly complex

I've a DTL to go to a target class in context 

I get the error CLASS DOES NOT callrequest=##class(context.ConnectDocumentRequest).%New()'

I attempted to add code to initate the context with 

set context.ConnectDocumentRequest =##class(Penn.EDT.Messages.ConnectDocumentRequest).%New()

I know there is something basic i am missing but have not seen covered in any tutorials i have done. 

I see an example using Assign I tried assigning my context as 


What is it i am missing before the DTL (yes i accidentally named it .BP instead of .DTL)

Product version: IRIS 2020.1
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Ah Going to close question. Did further debugging 

Issue was in the call request. Didn't realise you couldn't use the context in here and actually you set the property in the request message class and then map your context on with the transformed data. Did no need to instantiate the context