How to expose Cache data as an OData API?

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We have a Cache database in Azure, and want to expose it as an OData source (link).

My first attempt was to use Microsoft's Visual Studio 2017 and Entity Framework to create the data models...but it seems as if EF and Cache don't work together.  (I do have those instructions from 2013, but they don't work.  (See other post. Best answer seems to be "migrate to IRIS 2019.1.")  

Is there any other form of OData support?


Hi Thomas,

sorry for the long wait here, I just noticed this. From what I am reading about the OData specification, it is just a standard further clarifying on how to further structure your REST api beyond the general REST guidelines. (

As such your starting point to implement this would be the Creating REST Services.

While it has been discussed a couple of times, I'm not aware of anyone having done this already.