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Fabiano Sanches · Dec 16, 2022 1m read

How to enroll in an Early Access Program (EAP)?

Early Access Program (EAP) is a way to to deliver specific features early to a group of people who will test and provide feedback on that feature.

InterSystems has been releasing different versions (or pieces) of software over the last few years and improving features before they were released. Some examples so far: Columnar Storage; Built-in Python; FHIRSQL; and others.

But one characteristic of EAPs is that they may not be available to everyone. You have to enroll in the Program.

enlightenedIn the case of the discontinuation of the Apache web server installation (a.k.a. NoPWS), the way the way to register is to send an email to Use this same email for feedback.

Once you get a confirmation email, you'll see the EAPs you have access in the Evaluation Services website. You must log in to see the content.

So, after logging in:

1) EAPs are in the right side of the screen:

Click on "Download Early Access Programs" and go to the next screen.

2) Select the EAP you're enrolled in. Using NoPWS as the example here:

Remember you be able to see only the EAPs you have access to.

3) After selecting one EAP, you'll be able to see all documents and softwares available for it:

Yes, you're required to agree to the Terms of Service. Then the Download button will be enabled for you.

And one last thing...

enlightenedPlease, provide feedback! We want to hear from you.

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