Harry Tong · Mar 22, 2016

How does Zlogin work

Hi Community: I have a legacy Caché based app that has Zlogin or %Zlogin routine. I understand that such routine will be invoked as soon as the user logs in. Can someone tell me where to find such routine? The namespace where the user connects to? Or in CACHESYS? Thanks, HT

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Caché doesn't have Zlogin routine, if it is %-routine, it should be in CACHESYS and any others, could be placed in any  database. Z-routine means that it is developed outside from InterSystems, they recommend to use such naming  to prevent overwriting with system routines, present or future.

There is a way to execute script on user login and logout as well as other key points in the life of a Cache instance or a process.

In current versions that is the LOGIN tag within the %ZSTART routine which is located in the %SYS namespace.

You may want to look at the ZWELCOME routine.

Go into the Terminal and click on the help.