Sergey Mikhailenko · Sep 25, 2020

How do you store, then find and insert example functions and methods into your programs?

Hello developers!

Share the best practices: 1) saving frequently used code sections, 2) quickly finding it, and 3) quickly including it into the current program?
There was a thought for 1,2 to use DC(this resource), but the search is not always convenient not only for me

The idea on the surface is to use the git repos wiki.
Are there any other best practices?

There is a project github awesome.
Maybe we should include the awesome-objectscript sections in it?
And in the future for vscode to develop a plugin for awesome-objectscript ?

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By code sections, I would get some code snippets. In VSCode, you can easily add any amount of snippets, look at this article.

And VSCode will offer to insert code snippet, while you typing text written in prefix of the snippet.

I agree on VSCode as a tool to use it. But what are the ideas on advertising and making improvements? A git repository then?

Yeah, having some dedicated repo for objectscript snippets, looks great.

What is the easy way to add such snippets to my VSCode?

Should it be a yet-another VSCode extension? 

Yeah, the simplest way, then to share it, will be to have it as an extension

project awesome, is completely different, it's not about snippets, it's about real projects, complete and awesome

so, I would name our project, just as simple, objectscript-snippets

Thank you Dmitry.
I have not read this article. I'll take note

But what about when you have a development team and you need to share and update repo fragments?

Look here. You can implement snippets in the project, and store it in source control close to your sources.