Nicky Zhu · Apr 25

How to determine the number of active connections of an IRIS instance?

Hi guys,

How to find out the number of active connections (including SQL, http, tcp and all remote connections) of an IRIS instance? A core based license is used.

I've checked the document and find %SYS.ProcessQuery.

I'm currently using this sql:

select count(distinct Pid) From %SYS.ProcessQuery
where ClientIPAddress is not null
and ClientIPAddress <> ''
and ClientIPAddress <> 'localhost'
and IsGhost = '0'

Is it accurate or do we have a better option?

Thanks in advance.


Product version: IRIS 2021.1
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I forgot to mention the client is using a core based license and this method returned zero. Is there other utilities we can use? Thanks.

Try other methods/queries of this class, such as Dump*, ProcessList, ConnectionList, etc., which return the number of connections.

Thanks, I'll see that can be done through it.