· Jan 19

How to Create Analyses, Transformation Specifications, and Projections in FHIR SQL Builder Using Commands?

Hello everyone,

I am working with InterSystems IRIS and seeking guidance on how to perform specific tasks related to the FHIR SQL Builder using commands or code, rather than the graphical user interface (GUI). The specific tasks I am trying to accomplish are:

  1. Creating Analyses: What is the recommended method or class in ObjectScript to analyze data in the FHIR repository?
  2. Transformation Specifications: How can I programmatically create transformation specifications? Is there a specific class or a series of commands for this?
  3. Creating Projections: Is there a standard procedure or a set of commands to create projections from transformation specifications?

Now, I am only using the GUI interface to create the Analyses, Transformations, and Projections. However, a method to export and import these configurations through code would also be suitable for me:

I am looking for an approach that doesn't rely on the GUI, but is effective for FHIR data manipulation in the context of InterSystems IRIS. Any code examples, relevant documentation, or practical guidance would be greatly appreciated

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Product version: IRIS 2023.3
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