Andrew Brown · Apr 7, 2021

how to convert Crystal Reports to Logi/InterSystems Reports

We are looking at moving from Cache to IRIS, if we do this we will want to use Intersystems Reports.  We have a lot of Crystal Reports to convert.  is there a conversion tool or best practice for doing the conversion 

Product version: IRIS 2020.1
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Hello! Now we are carrying out a similar project to transfer the system from Cache to IRIS, including the tasks of converting reports from Crystal Reports to JReports format (Logi Report
The project is nearing completion and we can share our experience.

We are also interested in converting from SAP Business Objects Crystal, Webi, etc. reports to the JReports format.  Please share any insights, tools, articles etc. that you have!

We only used the official documentation. Our developments on this topic have not yet been presented in the form of an article. Perhaps, after the end of the project, we will make a publication on this topic.

I just received confirmation that Logi/Jreports used to provide a converter, unfortunately they have not supported it for a few years and no longer available.