How connection timeout play in retry?



I'm trying to send a file to other system using "Enslib.FTP.PassthroughOperation" and use below settings for connection and retry,

Connection Settings
StayConnected : -1 
ConnectTimeout : 30

Additional Settings
RetryInterval : 15 
FailureTimeout : 240

As per my analysis, if the connection is failed, it retries 16 times (FailureTimeout/RetryInterval). Initially, I assumed that ConnectTimeout also involves with RetryInterval and the total number of retry would be 6 times (FailureTimeout/(RetryInterval+ConnectTimeout)).

Still, it is not clear to me whether Ensemble considers "ConnectTimeout" during retries or not. 

Can someone please explain the effect of the ConnectTimeout, FailureTimeout on an Ensemble business operation "Enslib.FTP.PassthroughOperation" with "EnsLib.FTP.OutboundAdapter"?

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Retry Interval- No. Of seconds a business operation  job wait before doing next retry


FailureTimeOut - Total no. Of seconds a business operation Job keeps trying connecting destination.

We should keep this always greater that retry Interval. 


ConnectTimeOut - 

In case of FTP, a business operation job tries to connect FTP server till ConnectTimeOut for each attempt.

In case of TCP, a business operation job tries to connect to remote TCP listener till ConnectTimeOut for each attempt.


Ideally this has nothing to do with retry Interval, but we should take a logical call while setting this value and keep always less than FailureTimeOut.

No. Of reties may depend on the combination of these three values.

Hi Saurabh,

Could you please help me the number of retries if ConnectTimeout is 30,  RetryInterval is 15 with  FailureTimeout is 240 for FTP?

Consider connection is failed till last attempet.

As far as i know if your connection is being rejected outright then you will go immediately into retry, which would be 16 times as defined by your RetryInterval and FailureTimeout. 

ConnectTimeout will only come into play if you initiate the FTP connection and are waiting for a response from the remote server.