Malik Ahmed · Apr 11, 2020

How can I use IRIS .NET Core Entity Framework


I am going to develop a ASP .NET Core Application. In that Hos can use IRIS Entity Framework. I searched but I couldn’t find IRIS Entity Framework for .Net Core . Please kindly help me to overcome this issue.


thank you in advance 

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Unfortunately, there is no IRIS client for Entity Framework on .NET Core available.  Could your application use ADO.NET or ODBC or IRISClient directly?

Hey Robert ,

Thanks for the quick reply.

In near future do you  have any plan to create a core provider for IRIS anytime? we already have an application built on EF and would like to try it with IRIS Health

We have explored the idea of creating an official IRIS driver for EF Core, but are not currently working on one.  I think David (below) has a good idea for folks who are interested in making this happen.