· Nov 12, 2017

How to batch export/save SQL tables' detail

Hello Caché Guru,

I'm new to Cache system. I'm trying to do something like saving meta data in Relational DB:

I could use "management portal" -> System Explorer->SQL to view individual table's catalog details or print out the column definition. However I need to gather those information for several hundreds of tables in the DB. Is there a way to do it using command line in kind of batching mode?

Any hint and tip is very much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Victor,

You can use the class queries  of %Library.SQLCatalog to find catalog details for tables.

The SQLTables query gives you a list of tables:

select * from %Library.SQLCatalog_SQLTables()

And the SQLFields query will give you a list of fields for a given table:

select * from %Library.SQLCatalog_SQLFields('sample table name')

You can run these queries in the command line using dynamic sql, for example:

set sql = ##class(%SQL.Statement).%New()
write sql.%PrepareClassQuery("%Library.SQLCatalog","SQLTables")
set rs = sql.%Execute()
do rs.%Display()

Hi  Pravin,

Thank you for your response. I tried your query in our system, but it gave me the following error:

Table "%Library.SQLCatalog_SQLTables" not found.

I tried namespace "TRAK" and "%SYS", none of those worked.

When I opened the %Library schema on the left panel, there is only one table with "SQL" in the name:  %Library.sys_SQLConnection

I can't paste the screenshot here, the link I used in browser for the above test is:



I'm using superuser account. Wonder if it's related to permission?

Thanks a lot!