· Jun 16, 2020

HealthShare HIE Edge Production

Hi, we are implementing HIE for multiple hospitals, one question came from client on how do we decide how many edge productions ECR should be created. is there any guidelines that will help us to decide?  Also if we combine two hospital data into one ECR then also how do we decide which ones to combine together. Any guidelines will be appreciated.

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Hi Bukhtiar,

I would like to also disambiguate a couple of terms to help in your planning processes. An Edge Gateway is a Namespace and Interoperability Production that lives on an instance of HealthShare. You can have multiple Edge Gateways on a single instance and this is actually recommended for both licensing costs and maintenance overhead. The decision to put an Edge Gateway on a new instance is usually driven by data volumes and that is definitely something the sizing tools can help with.

One thing I would recommend against is combining multiple facilities into a single Edge Gateway Namespace. While this is a perfectly passable solution from a technical perspective, it does mean that if you ever need to split those facilities onto separate instances in the future because of data growth, it will be very difficult. Also, if you ever have a need to remove a facility's data completely from HealthShare, it is much easy to do when that data is wholly self-contained on it's own Edge Namespace.



Hi thanks actually we don’t want to create multiple instance but on the same instance we will be creating multiple edges where some external systems sending data will have dedicated single edge where some systems will be combined together into a single edge. Not much documentation or best practices available so I reached to this community. So the question is how to design when discussing with external systems that we should create separate edge (SysEdgeA) for System A but for System B & C we should create combined edge (CombinedEdge1).

then later system C comes how we decide CombinedEdge1 is sufficient so include system C in this edge or create another CombinedEdge2, then system D comes we link it to also with CombinedEdge2. Then system E comes we link it to CombinedEdge2, but System F we create again dedicated edge SysEdgeF

so what parameters we use to take these decisions , any help will be appreciated