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Steve Brunner · Jul 10, 2018

HealthShare Health Connect 2017.2.2 Maintenance Release

InterSystems is pleased to announce the availability of HealthShare Health Connect v15.032 on 2017.2.2


The platforms for this maintenance release are the same as for HealthShare Health Connect v15.03 on 2017.2.1.


This release is based on core technology version 2017.2.2.865.0.18321 with the following HealthShare module:

  • Core: 15.032.9685


The version number of the HealthShare Health Connect kits for this release is 2017.2.2HS.9685.0

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Hi Steve,

Where do I find release notes for the HealthShare Health Connect 2017.2.2 Maintenance Release?

Kind regards,


London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust

The changes to the underlying data platform version 2017.2.2 are described in these release notes as noted in this Maintenance Release announcement earlier this month.