Anastasia Dyubaylo · Oct 11, 2019

Global Summit 2019 Video: The State of the InterSystems Developer Community

Hi Community,

It's time for the new videos from Global Summit 2019 on InterSystems Developers YouTube Channel! Are you ready?

Please welcome the first session recording from InterSystems Developers:

The State of the InterSystems Developer Community 


In this video we will discuss what’s new and notable in the InterSystems Developer Community. We will survey the broad array of resources for learning, collaborating, and prototyping, including:

  • Online learning and documentation for InterSystems;
  •  A free new InterSystems IRIS sandbox environment you can spin up in seconds;
  •  What’s new with Developer Community and Global Masters;
  •  GitHub updates.

Spoiler alert: ObjectScript is now a 1st class language on GitHub!


🗣 @Evgeny Shvarov, Manager, Developers Community and Startups
🗣 @David Reche, Senior Sales Engineer, Spanish Community Manager
🗣 @Raj.Singh, Product Manager, Developer Experience

Big applause for these speakers, thank you guys!  👏🏼

In addition, please read this article: InterSystems ObjectScript Package Manager.


What's new on InterSystems Developers YouTube?

We have created a new dedicated Global Summit 2019 playlist & Global Summit Keynotes playlist.  They will be updated over time.

Enjoy and stay tuned! 

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