· Apr 7, 2016 1m read

Global Summit 2016 - FHIR in HealthShare

Presenter: Matt Spielman
Task: Use the FHIR standard with HealthShare-based solutions
Approach: Provide an overview of how HealthShare will support the evolving FHIR


The next major release of HealthShare will be the first version to support the emerging HL7 FHIR standard. This presentation will discuss InterSystems’ involvement with the FHIR standard, detail the new FHIR functionality, and review our long term plans for FHIR in the HealthShare platform.


Content related to this session, including slides, video and additional learning content can be found here. Please note that this content is available only to HealthShare customers and attendees of the Global Summit. On the learning web site you will be prompted for your Global Summit credentials to access this content.

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