Jacquelyn Gentile · Apr 8, 2016 1m read

Global Summit 2016 - Advancing Health through Unstructured Data

Presenter: Dirk Van Hyfte
Task: Leverage unstructured data to improve how clinicians deliver care
Approach: Give real-world examples of organizations that are benefiting from using their unstructured data

This session will feature real-world examples of how healthcare organizations can benefit from exposing unstructured data to clinicians at point-of-care as well as to clinical informatics building predictive models. Presenters are Wesley Williams, PhD, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Mental Health Center of Denver; Augie Turano PhD. IT Director Veterans Informatics and Computer Infrastructure (VINCI); and Dirk Van Hyfte, MD, PhD, Senior Research Consultant.


Content related to this session, including slides, video and additional learning content can be found here.

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