· Feb 20, 2023

Getting Error while sending the data from Outbound operations to Inbound Service

Hi, I am facing below error while sending the data from one namespace to another namespace.

ERROR <Ens>ErrFailureTimeout: FailureTimeout of 15 seconds exceeded in EnsLib.TCP.PassthroughOperation; status from last attempt was ERROR <Ens>ErrOutConnectionLost: Lost TCP Counted Read connection to xx.xxxx.xxs- detected via ERROR <Ens>ErrException: <READ>zReadCountedStream+10 ^EnsLib.TCP.CountedCommon.1|Block Count -- logged as '-'
number - @'
Else { Read tLenStr#4:pStartTimeout Set tTimedOut = '$Test }'


Sender  Version is Ensemble 2017.1

Receiver version: HealthConnect:3.5.0

Can some one please help me on this?



Product version: Ensemble 2017.1
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Hi Madhu,

Without knowing what data your sending across and how you're processing it, it's hard to diagnose further. Do you expect the processing to take longer than 30 seconds? If so, you can tweak the connection settings on the operation and service to allow for longer. Do you see the any errors on the service in the namespace you're sending too?

If not it would be worth double checking the connection setup and the contents of the message to make sure everything is correct.