· Oct 17, 2019

Get Hands-On with InterSystems IRIS™ Multi-Model, Interoperability

New from InterSystems Online Learning: two new exercises that help you get hands-on with InterSystems IRIS to see how easy it is to use to solve your problems!

  • Using Multi-Model with Python and Node.js: This exercise takes you through the steps of using the InterSystems IRIS multi-model capability to create a Node.js application that sends JSON data straight to your database instance without any parsing or mapping. 
  • Build a Smart Ticketing System: In this exercise, you will build on the Red Light Violation application used in the Interoperability QuickStart. Here, you will add another route to identify at-risk intersections based on data from Chicago traffic system. This involves:
  1. Building a simple interface to consume data from a file and store data to a file.
  2. Adding in logic to only list intersections that have been deemed high risk based on the number of red light violations.
  3. Adding in routing to consume additional data about populations using REST from public APIs.
  4. Modifying the data to be in the right format for the downstream system.

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