· Jun 23, 2020

FTP(S) Inbound Adapter connecting and disconnecting with "PROT P" error

Dear Community,

I need to collect a file from an FTP server over FTPS.

I have the :

  • credentials saved correctly
  • correct host and port informatoin
  • correct filepath I am trying to collect from
  • I have setup the SSL configuration in  System > Security Management > SSL/TLS Configurations and this tests sucessfully

When I run the business service to connect it connects, but soon after connecting it fails to open the directory:

Type Time Text  ID
Error 2020-06-23 14:42:06.542 ERROR <Ens>ErrFTPListFailed: FTP: Failed List for *.txt (msg='PROT P required',code=521)  36581958
Info 2020-06-23 14:42:06.277 ConfigItem 'ClincalVision Results from LDH FTP' (ClinicalVision.Service.LDHFTPService) started in job 31540  36581957
Info 2020-06-23 14:42:06.277 Connected to FTP Server '<server address>:<port>/CV_L&D_FTPS/SSL='FTPS_LDH*' at path '/ENHT-TIE' using Credentials 'CV_L&D_FTPS'

I have changed the server address in the logs

I have tested the credentials with a certificate key from the server and the WinSCP client can collect the file successfully.

I've seen in another post we need to state the PROT P protocol, but the invoked commands to not exist in the EnsLib.FTP.InboundAdatper or the Enslib.FTP.Common classes.



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I've tried testing in the console using the %Net.FTP Command.

I ran the following (server name substituted):

do ftpcall.Connect("",username,pwd,"990")

I did a zwrite and found the connection was sucessful and on:

I got the following for the Return message:

write !, ftpcall.ReturnMessage
 MLST type*;size*;modify*;

This says it supports PROT protocol, but I am not sure from the %Net.FTP documentation how to set this feature.