· Mar 9, 2016

Finding Developer Community Feedback

There is no obvious way to provide feedback to the development community. In order to find the topic to find open discussions, I had to search for "feedback".


There should be links in standard places; without doing research these place probably include: menu, front page, footer.

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I would exclude the feedback posts from the Main feed.

Since this site is still new and undergoing many changes(many driven by feedback), I suggest adding something on the homepage(right side) to indicate site feedback is to be posted in the feedback group(with links to it).


This would keep the content focused on the technology and yet make it easy for people to create feedback in the proper place.



Yes. Several things are going on (1) we are going to eventually collapse the groups down to a few selective ones that serve a specific function vs. being product or technology specific. Tagging is a better way to go than the groups, it's more flexible and easier to link in content from other places (2) there will be a list of the core groups on the main page and (3) I've been discussing with Evgeny filtering out the feedback from the home page since it's useful information, but distracting for most people.

Hi, Scott!

You got this message because somebody changed the post.

Two things about that:

First turn off please the Digest mode - it doesn't work properly and sends senseless messages :/

Second: turn off the Update trigger for notifications. The checkboxes should be off as on the screenshot:




After that you'll get reasonable notifications and only for the reasonable causes.